Participatory Cities

Imagine a Participatory City.  

It’s a city in which there are hundreds of practical opportunities every week, across a wide range of activities, close to home, built into the fabric of everyday life.  

It’s a city where we can all build trust and friendship by living more sociably, building connection, learning, sharing and doing common denominator things with others informally, in the time we have available, and in ways that will be mutually beneficial to us.  

It’s a city that enables us to co-create an inclusive, collaborative and circular local economy, working with new ideas, knowledge and tools to make our clothing, grow our food and start collaborative businesses that are sustainable for people, cities and the planet.

It’s a city that boosts cohesion, health, equality, happiness, safety, sustainability and innovation, all through peer-to-peer citizen co-creation.

Imagine then what it might be like to live in a Participatory City.

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deborah szebeko
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Some reflections on facilitation and finding moments of liminality

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